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  • Getting Started With iOS 12
    Installing Xcode & understanding Xcode versions4:32
    How to get Xcode in dark theme mode1:57
    Building your very first iOS app8:37
    Hustle - Your first iOS 11 App21:35
  • Intro to Programming & Swift 4 Basics
    Variables, operators, & how computers work16:48
    Booleans & conditional logic20:57
    Constants & logical operators10:27
    Object oriented programming12:00
  • Git & Version Control
    Git & version control - the fun way11:59
    Terminal Basics - Changing directories6:07
    Terminal Basics - Copying & renaming files8:57
    Terminal Basics - Creating directories & files4:30
    Terminal Basics - Deleting files & directories6:01
    Git Basics17:16
    Setting up Github4:36
    Working with Local & Remote Repositories11:14
    Handling Git Merge Conflicts16:52
  • Swoosh App: Intro to Interface Builder & Auto Layout in Xcode 10
    Swoosh - Creating the welcome screen25:18
    Swoosh - Working with frames16:05
    Swoosh - Working with stack views26:38
    Swoosh - Intro to segues (changing screens)9:39
    Swoosh - Refactoring in Xcode 99:39
    Swoosh - Debugging setValue forUndefinedKey3:45
    Swoosh - Programmatic segues9:01
    Swoosh - IBActions (handling events) & data models16:16
    Swoosh - Passing data between view controllers11:45
    Swoosh - Intro to auto layout (support multiple screen sizes)26:41
  • Profile App: Digging Deeper With Auto Layout
    Auto layout for iPhones22:28
    Auto layout for iPads (size classes)19:59
  • Window Shopper App- Your First Fully Functional iOS 12 App
    Custom text fields17:42
    Input accessory views & IBDesignable15:06
    Unit testing our data16:37
    Calculation algorithm13:06
    Custom drawing with drawRect12:26
  • Computers & Code- Crash Course in Computer Science for Beginners
    How Computers Work12:40
    Understanding Binary9:43
    Heap vs. Stack8:58
    iOS Binary App – Building UI _ UX20:18
    iOS Binary App – Creating BinaryDecimal Class20:45
    iOS Binary App – Finishing Up10:26
    iOS Binary App – Challenge1:50
    How Code Works10:01
    Variables & Storage Capacity6:33
    Understanding Hexadecimal6:08
  • Coder Swag App- Tables & Data in iOS 12
    Project creation & IBOutlets22:32
    Tableviews, delegate, and data source33:16
    Collection views (grid layouts)12:34
    Working with data models13:39
    Displaying data in collection view cells20:02
  • Intro to Model View Controller
    MVC in Theory6:16
    Creating Xcode Project3:27
    Setting Up Project Groups for MVC _ Examining ViewController Controller Layer5:32
    Creating AppleProduct Model Layer6:57
    Creating CustomPrettyView View Layer8:37
    Connecting View to Controller11:58
    Securing Model Layer4:25
    Challenge - MVC1:50
  • XYZ App - Working with iOS Accelerometer
    XYZ - Intro to App2:06
    XYZ - Creating Project5:29
    XYZ - CoreMotion and CMMotionManager Explained3:25
    XYZ - Receiving Accelerometer Updates7:35
    XYZ - Handling Accelerometer Data9:47
    Listy - Intro to App1:29
    Listy - Building UI6:33
    Listy - Creating ParallaxCell Subclass6:24
    Listy - Configuring ImageArray and Populating UITableView8:11
    Listy - Writing Parallax Function to Apply to UIImageView6:57
    Listy - Accelerometer Challenge1:04
  • Splitter App- Working With UISplitViewController
    Intro to App - Splitter2:51
    Splitter - Creating Project and Dummy Data11:11
    Setting Up MasterVC6:57
    Building ImagePresentationVC _ Wiring Up9:26
    Passing Images To ImagePresentationVC19:37
    Challenge - Splitter3:54
  • Slack App- Creating a Slack App & Working With APIs
    Intro to Chat App3:34
    Project Setup25:46
    ChannelVC UI24:39
    LoginVC UI22:28
    CreateAccountVC UI18:46
    Webrequests and APIs8:53
    Hosting API19:58
    Local Hosting API18:10
    Creating a web request in Xcode28:13
    Registering a User15:46
    Logging in a user20:13
    Creating a user26:13
    Avatar Picker Part 119:05
    Avatar Picker Part 220:13
    Generate a Avatar BG Color26:21
    LoggedIn Interface23:12
    Profile View25:34
    Logging in users23:23
    Getting channels19:11
    Channels TableView13:38
    Add Channel VC19:26
    Sockets and Channels26:11
    Refining Login Flow19:10
    Fetching Messages20:01
    Sending first message17:11
    Displaying chat messages17:56
    Sockets and Messages18:37
    Typing Users21:29
    Unread Channels18:07
    Where to go from here7:36
    I'm Back!7:43
  • Goal Post App: Data Persistence in iOS 12 With Core Data
    Intro to App- GoalPost2:35
    Creating Xcode Project - Project Folders3:41
    Building GoalsVC13:41
    Building GoalCell14:02
    What is Core Data-5:58
    Creating Goal Core Data Entity & Attributes8:08
    Displaying Static GoalCells in UITableView - Creating GoalType Enum10:12
    Building CreateGoalVC15:12
    Creating a UIViewController Extension10:47
    Creating a UIView - UIButton Extension18:30
    Building FinishGoalVC - Passing Data from CreateGoalVC19:09
    Saving Goal Data to Persistent Store12:39
    Fixing Dismissal of FinishGoalVC6:40
    Fetching Data from Persistent Store - Filling UITableView with Fetched Data16:13
    Removing Objects from Persistent Store using UITableView Delete Action11:15
    Setting Goal Progress for UITableViewCell14:55
  • Treads App: Data Persistence With Realm
    Intro to Realm and Treads App4:29
    Swift 4 update3:34
    Initial project setup20:39
    Create the run log UI19:14
    Last storyboard UI24:04
    Map view setup20:42
    Create custom slider switch24:40
    Track Location17:02
    Converting meters to miles8:10
    Convert seconds to readable string13:52
    Calculate Average Pace9:42
    Pause, Resume Functionality13:40
    First Realm Model18:52
    Write & Fetch18:51
    Display Run History22:00
    Last Run View19:00
    Create a Locations List for poly-line overlay14:40
    Realm Configuration12:36
    Get the poly-line rendering on the map view16:48
    Center Map on poly-line or user location23:39
    Fetch Realm Object by ID6:17
  • Pixel City App: Mastering Maps in iOS 12
    Intro to App - Pixel City1:44
    Creating Xcode Project4:25
    Installing Alamofire & AlamofireImage Cocoapods7:11
    Building MapVC UI14:55
    Requesting Location Services18:03
    Adding UITapGestureRecognizer to Drop Custom Pins on MapView15:09
    Setting a Custom Map Annotation Color4:33
    Animating Photos View19:43
    Adding UILabel for Pull Up View16:51
    Getting API Key from Flickr14:05
    Using Alamofire to Download URLS20:57
    Using Alamofire to Download Image16:22
    Setting Up UICollectionView10:11
    Presenting PopVC When UICollectionViewCell is Tapped16:05
    Adding 3D Touch Peek & Pop to UICollectionView14:46
  • Breakpoint App- Building a Full Stack App With Firebase
    Intro to App- Breakpoint3:21
    Creating Xcode Project - Setting Up Project Folders5:04
    Creating Firebase Project - Installing Firebase CocoaPods - Linking Xcode & Firebase Projects10:38
    Setting Up DataService - Creating Firebase Database Users10:33
    Building AuthVC and LoginVC in Interface Builder.18:27
    Creating InsetTextField and ShadowView Subclasses18:24
    Setting up AuthService13:04
    Presenting LoginVC from AppDelegate - Allowing Login with Email21:50
    Building FeedVC and GroupsVC in Interface Builder16:20
    Building MeVC and Adding to UITabBarController9:45
    Creating CreatePostVC and Uploading Posts to Firebase20:14
    Creating UIView Extension for Binding Views to Keyboard14:49
    Building FeedCell9:38
    Writing the Message Model and Getting All Feed Messages from Firebase21:01
    Converting UIDs into Emails and Reversing the Order of a TableView20:15
    Creating CreateGroupVC and Connecting @IBOutlets-Actions15:02
    Creating UserCell15:39
    Searching for Email Accounts to Add to Group18:42
    Adding Users to Group with didSelectRowAt indexPath20:34
    Creating Groups and Pushing Them to Firebase15:32
    Creating GroupCell14:59
    Creating Group Model and Getting All Groups from Firebase18:52
    Building GroupFeedVC18:00
    Initializing Group Data for a Group and Presenting on GroupFeedVC15:58
    Downloading All Message for a Group and Animating Upon New Message24:00
    Creating a UIViewController Extension for Presenting GroupFeedVC7:29
  • RNDM App: Using the NEW Firebase Cloud Firestore
    Intro to Firestore iOS0:59
    Project Setup11:53
    What is Firestore6:09
    AddThoughtVC UI Setup17:29
    Making your first database entry!24:45
    MainVC UI Setup24:14
    Fetching data from Firestore15:24
    Sorting and Filtering20:36
    Updating individual documents15:26
    Intro to Firestore Part 20:51
    Login Flow UI Setup19:48
    Create User15:15
    Login User14:03
    CommentsVC UI Set up17:15
    CommentClass and TableView9:14
    Firestore Transactions20:06
    Displaying thoughts13:29
    Security Rules12:56
    Intro to Firestore Part 30:43
    Project Setup12:18
    Deleting a comment12:06
    Updating comments14:51
    Comments Advanced Security Rules10:56
    Deleting a thought15:07
    Thought security rules10:40
    Where to go from here3:10
    Intro to Course- social login1:29
    Project Setup8:32
    Google Login Part 19:44
    Google Login Part 214:42
    Facebook Login21:54
    Twitter Login15:37
  • FoodZilla App: Mastering iOS In-App Purchases
    Creating Xcode Project _ Adding Assets5:32
    Creating App on iTunes Connect4:26
    Setting Up Consumable IAP Tier _ Adding Sandbox Users8:09
    Building StorefrontVC _ Wiring Up12:47
    Building DetailVC _ Wiring Up10:00
    Creating Item Subclass & FoodItems _ Configuring UICollectionView15:17
    Passing Values to DetailVC11:38
    Create IAPService Singleton16:52
    Making Consumable Purchases20:20
    Sending Notifications for Purchase Succeeded or Failed17:10
    Setting Up Non-Consumable IAP Tier3:31
    Making Non-Consumable Purchases19:46
    Restoring In-App Purchases11:38
    Intro to App - Subscriptions3:21
    Opening & Exploring Through Starter Project4:14
    Reviewing 'How To Set Up App in iTunes Connect'5:57
    Setting Up Auto-Renewing Subscription Tier (iTunes Connect)11:09
    Buying an Auto-Renewing Subscription15:34
    Saving to UserDefaults & Handling Failure & Deferral19:20
    Preventing Theft_Fraud with iTunes Receipt Validation19:12
    Saving Expiration Date to UserDefaults _ Checking For Active Subscription19:43
    Checking For Valid_Active Subscription _ Handling Expiration – Part 120:29
    Checking For Valid_Active Subscription & Handling Expiration – Part 214:23
    Troubleshooting Subscription Issues12:58
    Challenge – Subscriptions2:22
  • Touchy Feely App: Working With iOS Touch ID and Face ID
    Intro to App – SecureNotes1:51
    Creating Xcode Project _ Groups2:30
    Building NoteVC _ Wiring Up7:15
    Creating Note Model, LockStatus Enum, & Dummy Data6:41
    Building NoteCell & Subclass _ Wiring Up15:15
    Building NoteDetailVC _ Wiring Up4:51
    Passing Note Data to NoteDetailVC8:37
    Writing Helper Functions _ Updating NoteCell Subclass4:51
    Authenticating with Touch ID _ Face ID & Updating Information18:40
    Challenge – SecureNotes1:43
  • Scribe App: Working With iOS Speech Recognition
    Speech Part 112:08
    Speech Part 28:42
    Speech Part 310:22
    Speech Part 416:15
  • Working With iMessege And Sticker Packs for iOS 12
    Intro to App – Sticker Packs2:04
    Intro to Sticker Packs3:22
    Creating Sticker Pack Project in Xcode3:20
    Sticker Art Resources _ Websites9:07
    Adding Static Stickers _ Testing3:30
    Adding APNG & GIF Stickers _ Testing10:01
    Creating iMessage App Icons6:12
    Creating Static Stickers with Sketch 313:06
    Creating Animated Stickers from Sprite Sheet8:43
  • Shortcut App: Working With 3D Touch on iOS
    Intro to App - Quick Action1:35
    Setting up the UI11:26
    Creating the Quick Action15:15
    Handle the Quick Action19:24
    Quick Actions with TabBar14:18
  • LegDay App: Working With iOS SiriKit
    Intro to SiriKit0:51
    Intro to App – LEGDAY1:57
    Intro to SiriKit3:26
    Building WorkoutVC _ Wiring Up8:53
    Enabling Siri Access _ Requesting Permissions6:17
    Creating a SiriKit Intents App Extension _ Configuring For Workout19:40
    Configuring Results in AppDelegate with DataService4:23
    Handling _ Presenting SiriKit Results in WorkoutVC13:39
    Challenge – LEGDAY1:38
  • Screenie App: Using ReplayKit in iOS
    Intro to ReplayKit1:01
    Intro to App – Screenie2:38
    Building UI _ Wiring Up9:33
    Creating RPScreenRecorder Instance _ Exploring ReplayKit Capabilities4:08
    Configuring UISegmentedControl to Switch Images6:52
    Starting a Screen Recording11:21
    Stopping, Editing, & Saving a Screen Recording12:51
    Challenge – Screenie1:32
  • RampUp App: Intro to ARKit
    RampUp - Intro to ARKit App2:15
    RampUp - Resources & important ARKit info3:54
    RampUp - Project creation11:04
    RampUp - SceneKit, 3D models & materials11:09
    RampUp - Ramp picker popover13:54
    RampUp - 3D models in SceneKit for popover17:42
    RampUp - 3D models in SceneKit for popover part 211:44
    RampUp - Detecting taps on 3D objects17:09
    RampUp - Placing ramps in ARKit23:39
    RampUp - Moving objects in 3D space in augmented reality19:41
    ARKit - where to go next3:42
  • Vision App: iOS CoreML Basics
    CoreML - Intro to app1:53
    Intro to Core ML5:08
    What is machine learning7:50
    Creating Xcode project3:25
    Building UI & custom view subclasses17:40
    AVFoundation & AVCaptureSession to use the camera18:04
    Tap gestures to take snapshot on item11:17
    Downloading CoreML models21:13
    Core ML Xcode 9 Beta 4 Update - Fix Preview Photo Crash2:47
    Adding UI controls for flash control7:24
    Training your app to speak what it sees18:06
  • Animal App: Using iOS 12 New CoreML Models
    Intro to App – AnimalClassifier1:21
    DIY Core ML Model with Create ML8:17
    Building & Connecting User Interface10:50
    Setup Camera_Photo Selection13:01
    Create & Process Classification Request15:40
    Update Labels with Classifications13:14
  • Advanced Swift 4
    Extensions- Part 115:22
    Extensions- Part 220:32
    Intro to Protocols-Delegates - Numbers Example13:04
    Intro to Protocols-Delegates Part 2 - Question Generator17:31
    Protocols-Delegates - Building Color Magic App UI16:29
    Protocols-Delegates - Using the Delegate Method in Color Magic App16:06
    Protocols-Delegates - Using Mutating Functions in Types18:02
  • Advanced: Data Structures & Algorithms In Swift 4
    Recursive Functions13:48
    Stack - Data Structures in Swift12:48
    Data Structures in Swift _Heap – Part 121:04
    Data Structures in Swift_ Heap – Part 213:46
    Data Structures in Swift - Tree19:11
  • Advanced Swift 4 Design Patterns: Protocol Oriented Programming
    Intro to Protocol Oriented Programming11:08
    Writing your first protocols20:25
    Creating protocol extensions14:53
    Generics and protocols13:37
  • Advanced Swift 4 Design Patterns: Reactive Programming With RxSwift
    Intro to RxSwift5:30
    What is Rx_ Why Rx_11:07
    How To Install RxSwift into an Xcode Playground4:21
    Creating and Subscribing to Observables9:39
    Observables – Disposing7:03
    Challenge_ Observables2:19
    Challenge – Subjects4:21
    Transformations – .map11:40
    Transformations – .flatMap10:33
    Transformations – .filter6:41
    Transformations – .zip8:07
    Challenge – Transformations3:32
    Intro to App – Namer2:52
    Creating Xcode Project _ Installing RxSwift & RxCocoa7:07
    Building Namer UI _ Connecting @IBOutlets5:24
    Using RxCocoa to Observe _ Subscribe to UITextField Data12:27
    Adding Rx Capabilities to Submit Button10:58
    Passing Values Between UIViewController Instances Using RxSwift21:45
    Intro to Versi App3:17
    Creating Xcode Project3:24
    Installing CocoaPods6:37
    Setting Up UITabBarController _ Adding Project Assets7:09
    Building TrendingFeedVC14:31
    Building Custom View Subclasses13:25
    Building Repo Model Layer11:31
    Building TrendingRepoCell Subclass _ Loading Dummy Data21:53
    Creating DownloadService Singleton22:08
    Downloading Trending Repos Data15:07
    Downloading Additional Required Repo Data20:12
    Fixing Broken DownloadService Functions12:40
    Filling TrendingFeedVC with Real API Data19:38
    Building SearchVC3:20
    Building SearchCell11:30
    Setting Up SearchVC the RxSwift Way23:05
    Using RxSwift To Drive UITableView with Search Results6:14
    Loading Github Files in SFSafariViewController9:19
  • Advanced: Unit Testing in iOS 12
    What is Unit Testing_4:46
    What Makes a Good Unit Test_2:41
    Unit Testing in Swift10:09
    Testing Data Models (Part 1)18:11
    Testing Data Models (Part 2)11:35
    Testing Features & Functions15:16
    Testing Asynchronous Code17:13
    Testing Endpoints & Mock Data16:19
    Testing Performance & Benchmarking9:51
    Testing & MVVM5:19
  • Advanced: UI Testing in iOS 12
    What is UI Testing_2:18
    UI Testing Best Practices4:41
    UI Testing in Swift – Basic Example12:48
    Testing Navigation10:13
    Testing Views & Alerts13:34
    Resetting & Verifying App State7:24
    Testing Bug Fixes8:40
    Testing Data in Text Fields9:57
    Testing UI After an Asynchronous Call14:48

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