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16" Nanopad™ Game Board with 15mm Mega Nanodots® (Blue)
16" Nanopad™ Game Board with 15mm Mega Nanodots® (Blue)
16" Nanopad™ Game Board with 15mm Mega Nanodots® (Blue)

16" Nanopad™ Game Board with 15mm Mega Nanodots® (Blue)

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This Bundle Comes with a Versatile Magnetic Gameboard & Mega Nanodots Made Out of High-Grade Ceramic Magnets


This Nanodots® bundle comes with a magnetic gameboard and with Mega Nanodots so you can create the game pieces you need for any game. The Nanopad™ is a 16" flexible two-sided game board designed for maximum versatility as a magnetic game board, for a creation photoshoot & mouse pad, and has a standard-sized chessboard on one side. It comes with 15mm marble-sized Mega Nanodots®, futuristic marbles made out of the first and only consumer-use high-grade ceramic magnets. These marbles are designed for you to build interesting shapes, make cool desk art, play classic marble games, or invent your own.

Safety note: This product is not for children (ages 14+). This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick across intestines causing serious or fatal injury. Seek immediate medical attention if swallowed or inhaled.



  • Nanopad
    • Color: black
    • Materials: flexible rubber covered in soft black felt, contains iron weave to attract ferrous magnets
    • 16" flexible two-sided game board
    • Iron weave
    • Can be used for creation photoshoot, as a mouse pad, and as a standard-sized chessboard
    • Can be rolled up for portable travel
  • Nanodots
    • Color: blue
    • Materials: military grade ceramic ferrite magnet (SrO•6Fe2O3)
    • 15mm mable-sized magnets
    • For ages 14+ only


  • 16" Nanopad™ Game Board
  • 30x 15 mm Mega Nanodots® (Blue)
  • Reusable spool canister
  • Instructions w/ puzzles & games


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  • Expected International Delivery: Dec 17 - Dec 20


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